5 Correct Methods to Maintain A Luxury Watch Winder Box

A luxury watch winder box keeps your favorite automatic watch wind regularly. It is a simple way to take care of automatic watches. On the other hand, you also need to take care of the winder box. Here, we have several tips to take care of a luxury watch winder box.

Using the Winder Box in the Right Way

One of the ways to keep a watch winder box works is by using it correctly. For example, ensure that the automatic watches are perfectly in before you put the holder back. Set the winder box based on the need for the watch. You have to set the rotation and the TPD or Turns per day. The standard TPD in most watch winder boxes is around 650 to 950 Turns per Day.   

Check the Power Supply

Don’t forget to check the power supply while maintaining a luxury watch winder box. The power supply can be in the form of AC power, batteries, and rechargeable batteries. Ensure that this product is compatible with your residency electricity outlet if it uses electricity. If it is not, you should adjust it with an adapter. Do this maintenance every three months. At least, you will notice if there is a problem with the winder box and bring it to the mechanic.

Put the Winder Box in the Right Place

The way you put the luxury watch winder box determines its lifespan and performance. Never put this product outdoors or in direct sunlight. Ensure to put this box indoors, such as in the office desk, bedroom, living room, and many more. Luxury watch winder boxes often have a stylish model, so it is okay to place them in areas that people can see.

Clean the Box Regularly

You can’t only clean the luxury automatic watches but also the winder box. Gently clean the dust on the surface of the box. Use a cotton rug or dry cloth. Never use water or solvent to clean this product. A clean winder box looks attractive and aesthetic enough to see.

Put the Box Back in the Case

Make sure that you put the winder box back in the case if you don’t use it in a long time. Then, store it in a dry and cold place. Check the humidity in that place. Be careful because humidity corrodes metal. Don’t store it in warm or hot areas because the temperature accelerates chemical reactions to the luxury watch winder box and watches. A correct luxury watch winder box maintenance keeps its performance to wind and protects your favorite automatic watches maximally.